Mariñe Jauregi

She is a young illustrator born in the Basque country.

With a degree in Creation and Design from Bilbao Arts University and a Technical Illustration Course from Llotja Barcelona, she has taken her first steps as an Illustrator in Barcelona.

She won the Bekikasle Mazoka 2019 Grant. Mariñe has enormous piles of paper in her office at her disposal which she uses to give form and colour to her illustrations. She gets carried away by random combinations of paper, by colour palettes from the street and especially by what comes to her from her daily routines, incorporating these into her imaginary world.

Mariñe’s style is fresh and playful while hiding a story that explores, experiments, searches and excites, using a variety of techniques. As if it were a magic wand, her collage conveys great expressivity and elegance creating a magical world, where everything is possible.